29th January – 2015 Treasure Hunt

Tonight we will be doing a (picture) treasure hunt using the titles below for inspiration.
You will need as much or as little kit as you wish to carry (warm clothes, torches and tripods
may be an idea and don’t forget to bring spare batteries as they do not last as long in the cold!). You can complete the treasure hunt challenge using a mobile phone if you
wish, there are no real rules to how you do it.

We are meeting from 7:30 in the Market Square in Royston (car park outside Mica hardware) with the plan to set off by 7:45. You can work on your own or in small groups.

The titles are:

face in the dark
window light
car trails

and if the weather is ‘iffy’ one of these will come into play as an extra title: puddle, snow or ice

Be as creative as you like. When you have bagged all your shots we will meet back up in the

Submitting your images for the review night can be done via dropbox – email Rhiannon and she will give you the link to a dropbox folder. If you wish to edit your images in photoshop etc that is fine but it would be good if you submit both the in camera shot and the edited shot.

This will be another opportunity to defy the weather and get some unusual images! Have fun!

Thursday 15th January – Tracey Robinson – Creativity

Tracey will be giving a small Lecture/Presentation of some of her creative table-top and outdoor photography work, showing how to take certain types of images.

The talk will last about 30 to 40 minutes then members will take photos of creative images in a table-top manner (similar to the practical evening we had previously). We will be looking at still life (like flowers, miniature toys and much more.

Please bring along an object you want to photograph (that would make an impact creative image) along with a small backdrop, torches lamps if you wish. You will then be able to take photographs and Tracey will help and guide you to learn how to gain better creative photographs if needed.

Don’t forget to bring along your camera gear as well!