Breaking the Rules – Rules

As you know, later this year we are having a competition called ‘Breaking the Rules’.
To clarify what is expected, we have created some points to help:

  • This is a standalone competition which is informal and fun!
  • The objectives are to be creative and to encourage a different approach to photography.
  • Digital competition (see standard format rules for digital comp).
  • Each member may submit up to 3 images.
  • The photograph does not have to have been captured within two years of the competition date.
  • Open theme (images may be of any topic).
  • Images can be either colour or monochrome.
  • The title of the image needs to describe or indicate the photography rule broken.
  • Image needs to break one or more of the generally held photographic composition rule; such as (but not limited to):
    • The Rule of Thirds
    • Cutting off limbs / body parts
    • The rule of odds
    • Viewpoints
    • Lead-in Lines
    • Leaving space (breathing room and implied movement)
    • Focus rules

To assist with some of the rules above, check out this page or search on the Internet. There are many resources there to assist with all areas of photography.

2014 – 2015 Competition Subjects

To allow as much time as possible to get your images taken and sorted, here are the subjects for next year – so no excuses! The subjects are in order of when the competitions will be held, but the dates are not confirmed yet.
Dates and Rules will be confirmed by the AGM.
Please remember when you pick a subject for the Lucky Dip, that you are responsible for creating the rules, so give it some thought before you pick a subject. Continue reading